FAQs – Adoption Process

Below is a list of common questions about our Adoption Process. If you have additional questions please contact us via our contact us form

Adoption Process

How long does the adoption process take?

The process takes approximately two weeks or less to adopt a dog through Texas Sweeties Dog Rescue (TSDR).  The process begins when you submit your application.  We ask that you be prepared to adopt (i.e., moved into new house, done with vacationing, etc.) before you submit an application.  It becomes difficult for volunteers tracking all the applications if you’re not ready to adopt when you submit an application.  If something occurs after you submit your application that will delay adoption, please contact TSDR and we will file your application and take it off the active list.  When you are ready to adopt again, we ask that you please submit a new application to restart the process.

What are the Adoption Fees?

There is a $25.00 fee for a volunteer to come to your house for a home visit. This fee is non-refundable, but will be applied to the adoption fee when the adoption is finalized.  Adoption Fees will be determined by the organization prior to adoption and are not negotiable

I am moving soon and want to adopt a dog. Should I apply now?

We ask that you wait until after you are settled into your new home before submitting an application to adopt a dog.  There are enough changes in the dog’s life just going to a new home, and moving again shortly after being adopted only interrupts their lives more.

Can I meet dogs before I fill out an application?

Yes, you can meet dogs at any of our events.  However, if you fall in love with a dog before your application is submitted and approved, you may be disappointed when an approved applicant adopts the dog you have fallen in love with.  We do not have the capability to hold dogs for anyone.

Where is your facility/shelter so I can meet the dogs in rescue?

TSDR does not have a main facility or shelter.  The dogs are in homes of volunteer foster families and the only way to meet them is to start the adoption process by filling out an online application or joining us during one of our events. Visit the events page of the TSDR website for the next event.


Why does TSDR give a new family a 2 Week trial period before adopting a dog?

Dogs are living beings with their own personalities and behaviors.  We have seen, on several occasions, dogs go into a home and their behavior changes.  Our foster families work through many behavioral problems with these dogs and if the environment changes and a new family does not continue the current training, the dog can revert back to its old ways.  The 2 Week period ensures that the family and the dog will all be happy and the family can make sure this is the dog for them.